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Jerome Dent

Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Program in Africana Studies, Tulane University, 301A Newcomb Hall, 1229 Broadway St., New Orleans, LA 70118


2012B.A., African American Studies and Comparative Literature. University of California, Irvine.
2014M.A., Humanities, concentrations Cultural Studies and English, Mount Saint Mary’s University of Los Angeles.
2018M.A., Visual and Cultural Studies, with certificate in African American Studies from the Fredrick Douglas Institute. University of Rochester.
2020Ph.D., Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester.  


2019-2020Visiting Assistant Professor of Africana Studies. Africana Studies Program. Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
2020-presentAssistant Professor. Dept. of Communication and Program in Africana Studies, Tulane University.
2023-presentAndrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor in the Humanities, Tulane University


“Athazagoraphila: On the End(s) of Dreaming,” InVisible Culture31 (2020), Online.
“On the Fantasies of Black Final Girls.” New Review of Film and Television, 22.1 (Forthcoming, 2024)
“Failing to Get Out.” Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, 63.3 (Forthcoming, 2024)


“Urban Video Project: Interview with the Black Radical Imagination.” With Tiffany Barber. Light Work / Urban Video Project. 2015
““Raoul Peck, Baldwin, and I Am Not Your Negro.” InVisible Culture Journal, Dialogues.
“Lynching 2.0.” InVisible Culture Journal, Blog. (2017)


“New Black Surrealisms.” African-American Intellectual History Society. Co-edited with Dr. Tiffany Barber.


Book in Progress

The Ambivalent Image: Afropessimism and Speculative Genre Film (Book manuscript in preparation)

Articles in Progress

“Laboring the Gift and the Gifts of the Labor.” (Submitted to Discourse Journal for inclusion in Special Issue: Black Aesthetics Beyond Redemption. 43.1)  

“Scifi-Fantasy: On Paddington’s Adaptation – Annihilation

“Notes on Terror in Pursuit of Hurt – Lovecraft Country and Scifi-Horror”

“Dark Black: Afropessimism and Speculative Realism” (In progress, to be submitted to Discourse Journal)


2015Panel Moderator, Speculations: Science Fiction, Chronopolitics, and Social Change. Urban Video Project / Light Work, Everson Museum of Art and Syracuse University. Syracuse, NY.
2016Introduction to film, The Dead Zone (Cronenberg, 1983), Dryden Theater, George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY.
 Introduction to film, Bush Mama (Gerima, 1975). Dryden Theater, George Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY.
2018Opening Remarks, Screening of Moonlight (Jenkins, 2016), University of Rochester
 Invited Judge Panelist, Sex Robots: More Harm Than Good? Debate Union, University of Rochester
2021“On Revisiting the Site/Sight of Horror: Candyman as Redress and Reparation” in conversation with Dr. James Francis Jr. Texas A&M University.


2011“Limits of the Limitless: Toward a Critique of Afro-Futurism.” Queer Horizons Conference. Stanford University, Stanford, California. April
2012“Thanatopic Spectacles Yet (un)Seen: Human Desires, The Slave Imaginary, and the (im)Possibility of a Black Futurity.” Undergraduate Research Symposium. University of California, Irvine (Irvine, California) May.   
“Indigeneity and (anti)Blackness.” Thinking Afro-Pessimism: A Symposium. University of California, Irvine (Irvine, California) April
2013“Fantasy and Fandom: Race, Desire, and Libidinal Economy.” First Annual FANS (Fandom and NeoMedia Studies) Conference. A-KON. Dallas, Texas. June.  
“Corpses in Free-Fall: Queering the Black Male Body in Speculative Fiction.” Pleasure, Pain & Perversion: Embodied Violence & Eroticism in Cultural Representations. University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, New Mexico) April.   
“They’ll Kill You and Say You Enjoyed It: Speculative Fiction and Misremembering in Future Tense.” Crossing Borders Conference. University of Southern California (Los Angeles, California) March. 
2016“Dreaming While Black.” AfroPessimism as Critical Praxis Symposium. University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. April.
2018“Failing to Get Out.” Failed Cinema. SFSU Cinema Studies Graduate Student Association Conference. San Francisco State University. San Francisco, California. October.  
“Murdered in Endless Disguise.” SCMS Conference. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. March.  
“In the Shadows of Moonlight.” ACLA Conference. University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. March.
2019“On the End(s) of Dreaming.” Rupture and Relation Workshop. Northwestern University. Chicago, Illinois. May.  
“’And what good is all this to Black people?’ On Speculative Film and Blackness.” Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Conference. Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. May.  
“Of Figures and Failure.” Digital Diaspora Symposium. Global Digital Humanities Workshop. University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. March.    
“In Search of (Black) Hurt.” American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) Conference. Georgetown University, Washington DC. March.
2023“Dreaming of Black Love: The Possibilities of Afrofuturist Cultural Production.” American Studies Association (ASA) Conference. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Fall 2020

Introduction to Television (COMM 2550-01)

Black Queer Horror Theory (AFRS 4830-01)

Spring 2021

Black Images/White Myths (COMM 3520-01)

Introduction to Africana Studies (AFRS 2000-01)

Summer 2022

The Horror Film (COMM 4811-01)

Fall 2021

Speculative Genres of the Human, (COMM 4811-01)

Introduction to Africana Studies, (AFRS 2000-01)

Spring 2022

Introduction to Television, (COMM 1250-02)

Black Queer Theory, (AFRS 4810-01)

Summer 2022

Introduction to Television, (COMM 1250-01)

Fall 2022

Introduction to Cinema (COMM 1150-03)

Introduction to Africana Studies, (AFRS 2000-01)

Spring 2023

Speculative Genres of the Human, (COMM 4811-01)

Dark Black: Pessimism and Race (AFRS 4810-01)

Summer 2023

Introduction to Cinema (COMM 1150-01)

Race and Prison in Public Policy (COMM 3810-01)

Fall 2023

Black Queer Theory (AFRS 4810-01)

Black Images/White Myths (COMM 3520-01)


Levin Grant Committee, Dept. of Communication, 2021-Present.

Silverstein Fund Committee, Dept. of Communication, 2021-Present

Hiring Committee for Assistant Professor of Platform Studies. Dept of Communication 2022-2023

Hiring Committee for Assistant Professor of Activist Media. Dept of Communication 2021-2023

Member of Decanal Review for Dean Edwards, School of Liberal Arts 2023


Panels and Conferences Organized

“Critical Approaches to Black Media Cultures.” Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. (Co-organizer, Pete Kunze).

“AfroPessimism as Critical Praxis.” Frederick Douglass Institute. University of Rochester. Keynote: Christina Sharpe

Peer Reviewer

New Review of Film and Television Studies

National Political Science Review

Journal of Cinema and Media Studies


Society of Cinema and Media Studies

American Studies Association

American Comparative Literature Association

Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora